Puppy Training

We know from experience that puppies are very rewarding, but also very challenging! Getting puppies started out on the right track is a worthwhile endeavor with a lifetime of rewards. Helping a puppy learn the boundaries and expectations of your home gives your puppy confidence and empowers them to make good choices as they grow. Learning how to communicate with your puppy is very important because that communication fosters trust and a sense of security in their new "pack". This helps your puppy to grow up to be a confident and well mannered dog that you can enjoy spending time with.

We are proud to offer two different options for new puppy parents. Our private lessons give you one on one instruction with one of our trainers in your home, helping you and you puppy learn basic obedience and manners. The more immersive "Play & Train" program accelerates your puppy's learning by teaching them a good foundation of obedience, as well as providing opportunities for socialization and appropriate play. Our play & train program allows us to do the hard work of teaching and proofing new behaviors, and you are set up for success with training videos and homework that helps your puppy learn that those same expectations exist at home.

Regardless of if you're struggling with potty training, chewing, rough play, pulling on the leash, or any other puppy behavior, we can help get you and your puppy moving in the same direction.

Contact us today to learn more about giving your puppy a solid foundation for a lifetime of good behavior!