Behavior Modification

Leash reactivity? Pulling and jumping? Resource Guarding? Counter Surfing? Aggression? Not to worry, we can help! We have helped countless clients achieve their training goals and change or improve problem behaviors. Our training team has many years of experience in helping dogs work through many challenging issues, including separation & crate anxiety, reactivity to dogs & people, aggression, leash pulling, jumping on visitors, and more. By looking at the needs and goals of each individual client, we achieve pawsitive results.

We know that problem behaviors stem from numerous different sources, and identifying that source is the key to changing a "bad" behavior in a way that is effective, long-lasting, and fair. Your dog may be perfectly behaved in the house but a nightmare when you try to visit a park or pet store. Different situations and different dogs require different game plans and that's what we specialize in. Our first meeting with your dog is not just intended to help you begin to manage or fix a problem, it's also an evaluation of your dog's overall temperament, needs, and behavior patterns. During training, we work in various environments to help dogs understand that the expectations for behavior are applicable across their life experiences. These individual experiences help to build a library of mental pictures that tell your dog how to act in new or different situations. They become a playbook that through time and training, can become an operating manual for your dog as you go through life together. Our day train program is specifically designed to help you and your dog work together to achieve your goals. During the school days that your dog spends with us at our facility, we work through a curriculum designed to build a foundation of skills that we can apply to fix behavioral issues. At the end of your dog's school day, you go home with homework assignments to help solidify what they learned in school, and a playlist of videos to help you complete those exercises. After their initial days of school are finished, we follow up with private lessons and the option to attend group classes. This comprehensive approach helps you and your dog be more successful because you're working together, with the professional guidance and support of our training staff.

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